Transfer for UAE Travel and Business Trips – What to Consider When Ordering the Service

Arriving in the UAE, you need to anticipate all the nuances, first of all – transport. But difficulties may arise if the country’s guest is unfamiliar with its cultural features and rhythm of life. The language barrier often makes the situation even worse. You should order a transfer to avoid any unusual problems and delays. Thanks to the well-developed tourist service in the UAE, particularly in Dubai, you can find a suitable car for any trip.

What Points to Pay Attention to When Ordering a Transfer

For the trip to be as comfortable as possible and the car to meet all your requirements, you should consider several important points when ordering the service. This is relevant for country guests who come on vacation and for work.

Consider the Transport Capacity

The car of each class is designed for a certain amount of luggage. For example, most business class cars are suitable for 3 passengers and have the same luggage space. As a rule, luggage is not transported in the cabin. Of course, most companies try to put themselves in the customer’s position, but transporting things this way is simply unacceptable. To avoid misunderstandings and problems, it is better to specify the volume of your luggage in advance. So the manager will choose the right car for you.

Indicate a Child as a Passenger

A child is a full-fledged passenger. The company providing the transfer must know you are traveling with a child. First, the company can prepare a child car seat in time. Secondly, a separate place must be provided for the child in the car. If a family of 4 travels with a baby, an ordinary passenger car is not an option. A more spacious vehicle is needed.

The Transfer Has a Maximum free Waiting Time 

A transfer is very different from a taxi, but it also has limits on waiting time. Usually, it is 1.5 hours for the airport and 15-30 minutes for other places. You should inform the manager about your flight when ordering an airport transfer to avoid misunderstandings. If the plane is delayed, the manager will adjust the time of the car delivery.

If you order a transfer for a business meeting and your plans suddenly change, you should inform the driver. He will wait for you as long as necessary. The main thing is to warn. 

Specify the Address Accurately

When placing an order, it is not enough to indicate the hotel’s name or the second place you need to get to. For the company to be able to make the optimal route, you need to specify the exact address.

If you need to visit several places, it is best to list them in advance. You should also know the exact address of each location. This will help avoid confusion and the need to change the route during the trip.

Order Additional Services in Advance

In most companies that provide a transfer, you can order a wide list of additional services – from serving drinks in the salon during the trip to delivering flowers. Please inform the manager if you need other services.

Of course, additional service can be ordered from the driver. But, as a rule, this mainly concerns changing the waiting time, for example, due to the loss of luggage or a change in the trip route.

Here are a few more tips for guests of the country:

  • Check the flight number when ordering a transfer. The travel agent often indicates the number of connecting or return flights.
  • Remember to check your email or phone so you get all the important messages about your order.
  • If you have an urgent question, contact the manager directly.

By following these rules, avoiding force majeure and making the trip more comfortable will be possible.