Change Visa Trips – What Guests of the UAE Need to Know

This year, guests of the country faced unexpected difficulties when requesting to extend their tourist visas. The migration service rejected many applications. It turned out that visas were no longer changed without leaving the country.

How Have the Rules for Extending Visas Changed?

During the Covid-19 pandemic, crossing the border has become much more difficult. Because of this, it was decided to make exemptions in the migration policy of the UAE. Guests of the Arab Emirates were allowed to extend their visas without leaving the country. For this, it was enough to apply for a visa. At the same time, it was allowed to extend the visa for 30, 60, or 90 days. This year, all exemptions were canceled. Extending a tourist visa for 30 days is now possible, and leaving the country is mandatory. It is recommended not to violate migration legislation. Tourists who have overstayed their visas may be prosecuted.

How to Change a Visa in the UAE?

The Change Visa service is in great demand among UAE guests. These are trips to a neighboring country to extend a visa. Neighboring Oman is most often chosen for such trips. You can cross the border by plane, bus, or car.

The visa-changing process is quite simple. It goes like this:

  • The tourist enters Oman after receiving a voucher and a stamp on the passport on departure from the UAE.
  • An application for a visa extension is submitted immediately after arrival. Usually, the application is processed within 1-4 hours, so you won’t have to wait too long.
  • Get a new visa and leave Oman. At the immigration counter, the tourist receives a new stamp and can go anywhere in the United Arab Emirates. The whole procedure takes up to one day.

Vaccination certificates against Covid-19 are no longer required to exit and re-enter the country. All you need is a foreign passport and medical insurance. At the same time, the passport must be valid for at least 6 months from the moment of crossing the border. 

Car with a Personal Driver for Comfortable Visa ChangeTrips 

Many tourists choose a flight to change their visas. But it’s expensive and inconvenient because of the long wait at the airport and big crowds. Leaving the UAE by bus is cheaper but even more uncomfortable. The most suitable option for Change Visa trips is by car with a personal driver.

This format has several significant advantages: 

  • The trip takes place in a comfortable, calm environment. Visa change is a rather tedious process. But the journey goes much better if you travel in a comfortable car without noisy strangers nearby.
  • You choose the route yourself. You can select a checkpoint with minimal queues when leaving the UAE by car. In addition, you can include any exciting places and attractions on the route. On the way to Oman, many excellent locations are worth visiting.
  • A personal driver can help in an emergency. Any tourist may need help while traveling in the UAE.

In our company, you can order Change Visa trips to Oman. We offer premium-class cars from our fleet to guests of the country. You can choose a passenger car, an SUV, or a minibus for traveling with a large group. We have vehicles from Lexus, GMC, Cadillac, and other brands. 

Our professional driver will also be at your service. All our specialists speak Russian and English and know the routes of the Arab Emirates well. It is best to order a trip in advance – at least a day before departure.