One Day in Dubai – Should I Order a Car with a Driver?

Onde-day trips to Dubai are very common. The purpose of a one-day visit can be work, tourism, or leisure. Whatever the reason for the trip, the transport issue will have to be solved without fail. Let’s figure out if you should order a car and the services of a personal driver if you come for one day. 

Car with a Driver for Business Trips

The UAE is often called the country of business tourism. Many conferences, presentations, and exhibitions are held every year. Many companies in the UAE cooperate with enterprises around the world. People come to the country not as tourists but for work.

Public transport and taxis are not very suitable for business trips. Firstly, it is inconvenient, and secondly, it takes time. The second option for moving around the city is by renting a car. But in this case, it is also possible to face difficulties due to heavy traffic in Dubai and insufficient knowledge of city routes.

By choosing a car with a personal driver for business trips, you get several significant advantages:

  • Ability to entirely focus on the purpose of the trip. The driver will take care of the organization of the route, the search for parking lots, and other road problems.
  • Image support. It may be unacceptable for a person with high status to drive a car and, even more so, to take a taxi.
  • Ability to discuss business with partners or clients directly during the trip. Thanks to a personal driver, you won’t have to be distracted by driving, so you can concentrate on the conversation.

Chauffeur service is top-rated in Dubai, so many companies provide cars for business trips. 

We have a fleet of premium cars. You can choose Lexus, GMC, Cadillac, and other car models for business tourism. If you come to Dubai with colleagues or subordinates, we will offer you a luxury minibus to move around the city.

A Car for Tourists on Vacation 

There are many excellent resorts in the UAE, but tourists still come to Dubai for at least one day. After all, this is a unique city of its kind and worth seeing. There are many interesting sights and unique places for shopping in Dubai. The problem is that seeing all the exciting locations in one day will take much work.

If you move around the city by public transport, you will have to spend a lot of time. In addition, you need to be ready for noisy crowds of tourists. A more convenient option is a taxi. But it is not faster than public transport because you have to wait for a car for a long. If you want to visit several places in one day, wasting time may be too expensive.

By choosing a car with a personal driver for a Dubai tour, you will have time to see all the most exciting things and, at the same time, get maximum pleasure from the trip. In addition to convenience and saving time, this format of travel has several other significant advantages:

  • Individual tour. Our drivers know the city and all its routes well. Tell the driver what you want to see, and he will develop an individual route for you.
  • Safety. Dubai is very hospitable, but city guests can still get into unpleasant situations due to a misunderstanding of the mentality of residents and cultural features. A personal driver will help to avoid these troubles.
  • Comfort for families with children. A car with a personal driver is an ideal option for traveling with children. Moving around the city in this way, you will be sure that the child is comfortable, and you will relax and enjoy the trip.

You can order a premium-class car for any trip around Dubai. Our drivers speak Russian and English, know the city well, and are ready to help.