Familie Tourism Trips

The United Arab Emirates is ideal for family tourism. This country has many places that will interest adults and children. The variety of entertainment options makes creating a perfect entertainment program for a family with children of any age possible.

An Ideal Tour for a Family Trip with Children

Family tourism is prevalent. This is one of the recreation formats that help parents and children get closer. But organizing such a trip is more complicated than a regular tour. After all, the place of residence, the way of moving around the UAE, and the entertainment and attractions included in the route should appeal to children and adults.

So that the trip was 100% successful and enjoyed by every family member, entrust the tour’s organization to us. Here are the services we offer:

  • Help in choosing a hotel. We recommend an option that fits your budget and is optimal for living with children.
  • Creating an individual route. Based on your requirements, we will suggest different locations to visit. You can choose the places that are interesting to you. If you already have a list of sights you would like to see, we will include them in the tour. 
  • Organization of transport. Premium class cars will be available: Lexus, Cadillac, GMC, and other models. For a large family, we will provide a luxurious minibus. Our professional driver will drive the car. 

If you have special requirements regarding the driver or the car, we will fulfill them.

The Best Options for Entertainment

A beach vacation is a win-win option that will appeal to children of any age. There are paid and free beaches in the UAE. A separate category includes family beaches. There are always many children here, so the children will not be bored. If it gets boring, guests of Dubai can visit Wild Wadi Water Park. The park area is 5 hectares, and the number of water attractions is impressive. There are pools with a low water level for the little ones and slides up to 30 m high for older children and adults.

The Ski Dubai complex is also suitable for active recreation. The snow trails occupy 25,000 sq. m, and up to 500 people can ski daily. Ski Dubai has 5 slopes of varying difficulty. Beginners can use the service of a personal trainer.

At least one sightseeing tour should be included in a family trip. Many unique places in the UAE are worth seeing.

What Places in the UAE Can You Visit with Children?

Here are some options that adults and small tourists will like:

  • The largest aquarium in the world is located in the Dubai Mall. More than 33,000 fish and marine animals live here. There is a unique tunnel inside the aquarium for tourists. It opens up a 270-degree view – it’s a spectacular sight.
  • The Green Planet zoological museum. This is a unique tropical forest under the roof. There are more than 3,000 different types of plants and animals. It will be interesting for children and adults.
  • Yas Island is considered the center of tourism in Dubai. On this island, there are theme parks, including the famous Ferrari World with 40 attractions, water parks, shopping and entertainment centers, and even the Yas Marina race track.
  • Historical and ethnographic village in Abu Dhabi. This is a vast desert village in the middle of the city. It shows the UAE from another side. If you want to learn more about the country’s history, you should visit this place.

If you are planning a trip with children to the UAE, order the organization of family tourism with us. We guarantee a lot of bright impressions and positive emotions for every participant on tour.