Luxury Van Rental UAE

Passenger cars are not always suitable for traveling around Dubai and other regions of the UAE. If traveling with a large company, you need a more spacious vehicle to accommodate all the trip participants comfortably. Our luxury minivans are perfect for such trips. They will be a good choice for city and long-distance trips around the UAE.

Luxury Minivans for UAE Trips

A comfortable minivan may be needed in the following cases: 

  • Corporate trip. If you have come with colleagues to a business meeting or conference, a premium-class minivan will be an excellent option for moving around the UAE. You can order a minivan for a specific time or round-the-clock use, for example, if you plan to relax or see the sights in addition to business trips.
  • Family trip. A trip to the UAE with a large family is an ideal vacation format. So that spending time with loved ones is not overshadowed by other tourists, it is better to use individual transport – one of our minivans. 
  • Vacationing with a large group. Traveling with friends to the UAE will be a bright and unforgettable event. Do not spoil it by traveling on public transport. Choose comfortable minivan trips with a personal driver and enjoy happy, carefree days in this beautiful country.

We can offer trips around the UAE and many additional services. For example, tourists and guests of the country may be interested in a journey by car with a personal driver. Our specialist will develop an individual tour for you. It will include any places and attractions that you want to visit.

Why Choose Us?

We work to make each of your trips comfortable and safe. We offer a large selection of luxury minivans from our fleet. We have suitable transport for any number of people.

Our drivers are professionals with extensive driving experience. They speak English and Russian, know the laws of the UAE, and understand the mentality of the residents well. Thanks to these features, the driver will become a reliable assistant on the road. You shouldn’t be afraid of unusual situations that can happen to the UAE guests.

There are several reasons to order a luxury minivan for trips around the UAE from us:

  • Perfect cleanliness. Before picking up the client, we clean the salon. If you need a minivan for long, we will perform daily cleaning to make your trips as comfortable as possible.
  • Safety and luxury. Our cars are the best in their class. They are reliable, safe, and 100% convenient.
  • Comfort for every participant of the trip. We will provide comfortable and safe child seats if children travel with you. Do one or more passengers have additional requirements for the car? Inform us, and we will take care of everything.
  • Reasonable price. We have all-inclusive tariffs. This means that you pay for the service once and do not make additional payments for parking or fuel – these costs are already included in the tariff.

We recommend booking transport in advance – at least a day in advance. This will allow us to fully prepare the car and develop an individual route for you, if necessary.

We conclude an official contract with each client. It will necessarily indicate the tariff, the terms of the reservation, and all the order details. This approach confirms that we do not have hidden payments or commissions. By contacting us, you will receive first-class service and know exactly what you are paying for.