UAE Travel Guide

The United Arab Emirates can surprise even the most experienced tourist. This country has many attractions and unusual places that are worth seeing. The peculiarity of the UAE is that next to futuristic, ultra-modern buildings, there are stunning historical monuments and districts with ancient architecture. Are you more interested in shopping and sea vacations than architecture and sights? The UAE is an ideal place for such a pastime. To make your trip to the United Arab Emirates 100% successful, enjoyable, and comfortable, it is best to explore this country by car with a personal driver. 

Advantages of the UAE Car Traveling with a Personal Driver

It is tricky to organize a trip to an unfamiliar country independently. You can find much information about sights and routes online, but it does not always show the actual situation. When planning a tour on your own, it is impossible to consider all the nuances. This requires a good understanding of the country, the rhythm of urban life, and the mentality of its inhabitants. 

A personal driver will help you sort things out. He is familiar with the country’s locality, laws, and traditions. Our specialist knows when there is the most significant influx of tourists in one or another location and when the attraction can be viewed in a more relaxed atmosphere. Thanks to this, he will help you plan your day in the best possible way and develop the optimal route.

Traveling by car with a personal driver has several significant advantages:

  • It takes exactly as much time as you have allocated for it. Your trip may last a couple of days or several weeks.
  • Includes only exciting places. You can decide which attraction to visit and how much time you spend in one or another location. Our service will help you arrange a flexible tour around the city and the country.
  • It takes place in a comfortable environment. Traveling by private car with a driver is the most convenient option for trips to Dubai and the UAE. You will not be surrounded by a noisy crowd of tourists, as if you deal with travel agencies. This means that you can enjoy every moment of your trip.

Traveling with a personal driver is not only comfortable but also safer. The specialist knows the country well and will help avoid unusual situations.

Why Choose Our Service?

Our drivers speak Russian and English perfectly, have extensive driving experience, and know the country’s routes well. This allows you to travel comfortably in Dubai, other cities, and more remote regions. For trips around the UAE, we will provide a luxury car. Our fleet includes premium vehicles like Lexus, Cadillac, GMC, and others. You can choose a passenger car, SUV, or a comfortable minivan for trips.

We offer high-quality and very flexible service. We offer a wide range of additional assistance. We satisfy even the most complex and unusual requests of clients related to travel in the UAE.

Where Should You Go in the UAE?

Many places in the United Arab Emirates are worth seeing. We recommend that guests of the country see the following attractions:

  • Burj Khalifa (Dubai).This is the tallest skyscraper in the world – 828 m of futuristic architecture embodied in glass and metal. The observation deck of this building offers a stunning view of the entire city.
  • Palm Islands (Dubai). The artificial archipelago became the center of the city’s business and tourist life. Everyone will find entertainment here – from shopping to extreme recreation.
  • Al Jahili Fort (Al Ain). This is the old residence of the sheik, which also served as a shelter for citizens in the event of a military conflict. Some parts of the fortress have been changed, but most remain the same as in the 19th century when it was built.
  • Jebel Hafeet Mountain (Al Ain). A massive network of caves is located deep within the mountain, and you can see the famous desert of Rub-Al-Khali from the top.
  • Dubai Mall. This giant shopping and entertainment center has over 1,000 stores with various products. This is a natural paradise for shopping lovers.

Choose a car trip with a personal driver and enjoy an ideal tour around the UAE.