Visa change trips

During the Covid-19 pandemic, the UAE took several exemptions for tourists wishing to extend their visas. It was enough to send a request to the migration service without leaving the country. But from 2022, these exemptions were canceled. Many country guests found their applications for visa change without leaving the UAE rejected. If you are in the UAE and want to renew your visa without difficulties, we are ready to help. We offer an accelerated method of extending a tourist visa through departure to a neighboring country. 

Rules of Stay in the UAE

Applying for a visa beforehand to enter the UAE is unnecessary. At each airport, you can get access immediately upon arrival. For this, only a foreign passport is required. At the same time, it must be valid for at least 6 months from crossing the border.

You can stay in the country for 30 days with a tourist visa. After this period, you must leave the UAE or extend your residence permit. If the visa has expired and the tourist has not left the country, he can be arrested for violating migration legislation.

You can extend the visa for another 30 days by leaving the country. If you are in the UAE on vacation or for work, it does not make sense to go home for a few days and then return. This is a waste of money and time. We offer a more convenient option – a trip to a neighboring country in a premium-class car with a personal driver.

How Does Visa Change Work?

UAE guests choose different travel formats for visa change. The most popular option is a trip to Oman. You must leave the UAE on its last validity day to renew a visa. It is not necessary to stay in the territory of a neighboring country for a long time. You can immediately apply for a new tourist visa to the UAE at the border checkpoint. The new visa will be ready in 1-4 hours after applying. As a rule, you don’t have to wait long.

By obtaining a visa, you can enter the UAE. At the immigration counter, you will receive a stamp on your passport about entering the country. After that, you must go through customs control, and feel free to go anywhere in the United Arab Emirates.

Comfortable Visa Change Trips for the Country Guests

We will handle all the trouble of organizing a trip for a visa change. Here are some reasons to choose us for a Visa change trip:

  • Comfortable cars. You can choose Lexus, Cadillac, GMC, and other premium vehicles from our fleet. Are you traveling with a group of people, and they don’t fit in a passenger car? In this case, we will offer a luxury minibus.
  • Professional drivers. Our specialists have extensive driving experience, know the routes of the UAE, and speak English and Russian. Thanks to this, the personal driver will become your reliable assistant on the trip.
  • A wide list of additional services. For example, if you are leaving Dubai or another major city in the UAE for the first time, we can offer a car with a personal driver. Your tedious trip will become an exciting and memorable tour. Do you need to combine your visa change trip with other things? This is fine. We will think of the optimal route for you.
  • Reasonable prices for all services. The tariff will depend on the selected car and route, as well as on additional services.

We provide transport and advise on travel issues for visa change. We will help you choose the most suitable border crossing point and offer different options for spending time while waiting for a visa.

If you contact us, the Visa change trip will pass quickly, comfortably, and without any incidents. We recommend ordering the service at least a day before departure.