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        Frequently asked questions

        What Services Can You Order?

        We offer a wide range of services for tourists and guests of the UAE who have come for work. You can order:

        • a car with a personal driver for tours in Dubai and other cities; 
        • transfer from and to the airport, to the hotel, business meeting place;
        • booking minibusses for traveling with friends or business trips with colleagues;
        • Visa change trips;
        • individual family tours. 

        We fulfill all client requests. Therefore we also provide personal services related to trips in the UAE. 

        What Cars Do You Have?

        A premium-class car fleet is at your service. We have Cadillac, GMC, Lexus, and other premium cars for comfortable travel in the UAE. We will select a suitable vehicle for sightseeing tours, business trips, and family trips around the UAE.

        What Drivers Do You Have?

        Our company employs professional drivers with many years of experience. Our specialists speak Russian and English fluently and know all the routes of the UAE very well. An essential advantage of our drivers is that they are well acquainted with the laws of the UAE, the rhythm of city life, and the mentality of the residents. Thanks to this, the personal driver will become your reliable assistant. 

        What Are Your Working Hours? 

        Our cars with a personal driver are available 24 hours a day. This means you can order a transfer or a trip around the UAE for sightseeing or work at any time of the day.

        Where Can I Go in Your Car with a Personal Driver?

        You can move freely around Dubai and other places in the UAE. There is no need to coordinate the route with us in advance. Tell the driver where to go, and he will take you.

        Are Traffic Jams Frequent in Dubai and Other UAE Cities?

        Guests of the UAE should be ready for frequent traffic jams. In Dubai, every second resident has a car, so there is always heavy traffic on the roads. In other cities of the country, the number of vehicles is slightly smaller, but the traffic is still active. 

        Are Your Cars Suitable for Intercity Routes in the UAE?

        Yes, we have a suitable car not only for city trips but also for longer trips. We can choose a vehicle for long-distance or cross-country road trips, depending on your wishes.

        How Can I Extend the Reservation Period?

        If you need to stay longer in the UAE or decide to allocate one more day for a Dubai tour, we will happily extend the service you ordered. You shouldn’t go to our office. It is enough to contact our manager available around the clock.

        What Should I Do if I Order a Transfer from the Airport and the Flight Is Delayed?

        When making a reservation, inform our manager about your flight. We will monitor the plane arrival time. In case of delay, we will adjust the delivery time of the car.

        Is It Necessary to Order the Service in Advance?

        We recommend ordering the service at least 1 day in advance. In this case, you will be sure the selected car and personal driver will be accessible at the required time.